The class goes to Bradford

The class goes to Bradford

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School’s out but the class is still the class. Three were staying on the campus over Christmas, away from their families, in the case of Xin and Jo – FAR away. In Jay’s case, it was only Manchester, but it IS the other side of the Pennines, which, as far as Tykes are concerned, is another world. So, as a Christmasaholic, I just had to share good old Yorkshire hospitality.

As students of cinema and television, the National Media Museum in nearby Bradford was the place to go. Xin and Jo speak, read and write excellent English, but aren’t fully up to speed on the social history of our comparatively little island.

The exhibition to celebrate 140 years of the Press Association took us through all the headlines we know very well. But to two twenty-something Chinese (and, I suspect to many Brits of the same age), extra explanation was needed – they weren’t familiar with George Bernard Shaw or Pygmalion, but had heard of My Fair Lady. Margaret Thatcher, had, they knew, visited China, but how to sum up her impact on the country both then and now? I could see a few ears stretching around the room as I tried to give a balanced account. And Kylie Minogue? Who was she? Jamie, the fourth member of the group and the university’s resident Dr Who expert, pointed out she had starred in last year’s Christmas Special.

We had all the usual fun at the museum, with the added bonus of seeing our guests from Outside Yorkshire have a go at the blue screen, being a TV newscaster and seeing the real Scott Tracey, Captain Scarlett, Ungle Bulgaria and Morph. They are much smaller in real life, you know….

The it was back to ours for a festive feast with all the trimmings, including Christmas crackers with their cringeworthy puns on the English language.

Why don’t penguin come to Great Britain?

Because they are afraid of W(h)ales……

It lost something in the retelling. But then again, I never could do a punchline. Noel and I were touched by the genuine pleasure Xin and Jo seemed to take from the day, though were probably puzzled by the flashing tree in the corner and wacky decorations. Who knows what they’ll make of the birthday ceilidh!


Today’s lovely thing

Fried-up left-over Christmas pudding…..

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