Secret Santa – and fabulous friends..


It went like this. You picked someone's name out of a computerised hat – and you bought then a present to a certain value. And that was it!

Ten of us thought long and hard (some of us harder than others, not wanting to use the cheats' Amazon wish list!) and bought.

I was delighted to get a trug full of girlie gardening stuff all in pretty pink. My benefactor was most apologetic that they weren't stripey, but I truly appreciated the thoughtfulness. Especially as the market garden has already kicked in. Troy, Radar and Solent Wight were planted last week. That's two onions and a garlic to you. I fully expect to be harvesting them for Christmas….

We had a giggle this weekend. We were due to see our old mates Ruth and Andy whose palates are broad, so they are always ready to be experimented on. Slow-roast pork with red cabbage followed by creme brulee. The pork was marinating and the brulees in their bain marie when I called to check arrival times a full 24 hours in advance.

Excellent, said Ruth, if you want to arrive at 7.30….

Ah, I said, so we're coming to you, then?


Of course, I said. I remember now. Fancy creme brulee for pudding?

Today's lovely thing
Lots of slow roast pork between two.

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