Mistaken identity

School's out, so I don't have to head for the campus every day. A shame, really, as the coffee at my favourite bar is pretty good. And cheap.

So it was back to my other favourite, but more expensive Thursday coffee bar where they don't even do student discount. I've been missing the circuit training so decided to head for the brand spanking new John Charles Stadium in South Leeds after the obligatory coffee and blueberry muffin.

It's well known in our household and even further afield that I cannot navigate by any scientifically proven system. I just head whichever direction feels right. Or looks good. Or takes my fancy. I've had many adventures that way, some of them were even enjoyable!

Good old Google Maps gives you foolproof directions – providing you key in the right destination. How was I to know there are two sports centres within a mile of each other? What's the odds? Granted, I thought the building looked a little shabby, but put that down to enthusiastic over-use of the state-of-the-art facilities. The bars on the windows and doors ought to have been a clue too.

The session was good, Mark the instructor was helpful and interested to know why I'd come across Leeds to the South Leeds Sports Centre. Wow, I said, so it has two names?

No, he replied. There are two sports centres. One old, one new…

Guess where I was….

Still, I had a good workout and met some interesting new people. And as an added bonus, the car was still there when I got out. Mind yoiu, no-one's going to nick the Honda. I bought a new battery for the bip bop this morning and doubled the car's value. I'll stick to Kirkstall in future.

Today's lovely thing
3,226 words. Including the citations. RESULT!

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