A mayo kind of day

There are two gastronomic abominations. I know I'm in a minority on this, but it's my blog and I can rant about whatever I want.

Let's get this in the open. Mayo and Branston Pickle. Food of the devil. Just say no.

Why do sandwich-makers feel they have to smother bread in emulsified white stuff and slather cheese in that foul brown lumpy goo? Whatever happened to butter – not marge, or spread, or I-can't-believe-I'm-eating-this-rubbish stuff? Lovely, creamy, vitamin-packed butter, it kisses the bread and strokes the throat as you eat it. Poor though we were, we never did without butter. On bread, jacket potatoes, mash, digestive biscuits, fruit malt loaf and to soothe bumps on your head.Oh I love butter.

After paying good money for a ticket to stand on the train from Leeds to Sheffield, with the additional privilege of being outside the well-used and infrequently-cleaned toilet I was scoring 11 on the Grumpy Scale.What I needed was a good, tasty sandwich. Not just a sandwich, an M and S sandwich. Come Christmas time, ie from October onwards, they do a turkey, bacon, stuffing, cranberry and sausage sandwich. Absolutely divine.

I had just enough time to dash to the shop, grab the sandwich and get on the connection were I had the luxury of a seat all to myself! At last, I could eat, drink my latte and listen to my eclectic iPod mix in peace. Then I spotted it.In my haste, I'd picked up the wrong sandwich. And it was so wong. Cheese, pickle, ham and mayo. The saliva flow stopped immediately. The sandwich went in the bin. And I went hungry.

The whole eating thing didn't really get much better. I grabbed an espresso and warm pretzel at Leicester station. It looked delicious, no mayo. Definitely no pickle. Unfortunately no flavour and the texture of bicycle inner tube. So I went hungry again.

When I finally got home, with the help of Noel, there was mayo-free fayre and alcohol-based beverage. The new oven had also arrived so, using his manly DIY skills that was expertly fitted. It's very posh, complete with pizza stone, sliding shelves and a temperature probe.

The cat was very intrerested in the cavity left by the old cooker.Funny, though. I've not seen him all day………

Today's lovely thing
Reading all afternoon in the student coffee bar

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