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Today's lesson was officially about acting the fool.

It started with a navigational challenge. We had to leave the normal safe environment of Genesis Six, tucked away on the science park and run the gauntlet of the university's MC Escher-style corridors to find the studio. Most of us found it.

Once inside the converted squash courts we had a lesson on storytelling through bodies and objects on stage with the excellent Dr Mary Luckhurst.

Why, oh why, when volunteers willing to make fools of themselves are asked for, do I put my hand up? You know that truism, nature abhors a vacuum? Well, here's another, Anne just can't do with no responses to requests for volunteers – especially if showing off is involved.

Who said learning isn't fun? Reading lines from plays? Adding left field interpretations? Pretending you're heading for the TARDIS? Speaking in silly voices? Like so many board meetings I've been in….

As an added bonus, on the way back to the library, I spotted this photo. I had some explaining to do to passing students about why I was facing the wall with my camera, but hey, it's a conversation-starter.

Then I discovered the DVD library. I can't believe I hadn't found it before, though it wasn't as if it was lost. I could feel my eyes going square as I drank in the titles of movies and TV programmes long since forgotten. I chose a particularly sober and rather depressing  Brazilian movie. Well, it doesn't do to be happy all the time, does is? That'll teach me. I'd just better make sure it's back on time tomorrow – £1 per hour overdue. Now that WOULD be depressing.

Today's lovely thing
Saving the spider from the stove. I let him off the log and he scurried into a corner. Just hope he's grateful and leaves the house immediately…..

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