T’Dolomites, T’Tyrol and T’Dales

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Sithee, as one says in Yorkshire, we like to make a mountain out of a molehill. Tha knows.

Yorkshire is, after all, an independent republic, with our own appointed figurehead (that would be Sir Geoffrey Boycott) and pretty much self-sufficiency in food (fish and chips), drink (Tetley's biitter) and entertainment (the World Coal Carrying Championships at Gawthorpe every Mayday).

But now we have been elevated way above our station. We are a Mountain.

Being junkies of all things mountain/rock/snow related, Noel and I subscribe to any holiday brochure that promises any or all of the above.

So when Collett's Mountain Holidays landed on the doorstep we were thrilled to see the latest offerings from this small family-run firm.

It promised summer walking, wildflower walks and painting (I assume not the decorating type which we manage to avoid until absolutely necessary), via ferrata and other alpine pursuits. Well, that's a great hook for the start…

Winter offers skiing, snowshoeing and winter walking. Sing my song!

And were are these marvels of nature?

  • The Italian Dolomites
  • South Tyrol
  • French and Spanish Pyrenees

…it proudly proclaimed….The Yorkshire Dales

Own own Dales, right up there with the Big Boys. Eat your heart out, Lake District!

Colletts, whose holidays look fabulous, by the way, and have my vote because they support the Woodland Trust, have a one-pager offering Dales-related activities – though I didn't spot any skiing…Damn! We'll have to go to the Alps!

Though God's Own Country, as we Tykes like to call it, has a lot going for it over our European neighbours.

As Lady Mary Wortley Montagu commented on seeing the view from Avignon in 1745…

'….the finest land prospect I ever saw – except for Wharncliffe…….'

Even as a born-again Tyke, I have to wonder if her glasses were a shade of rose.

Today's lovely thing
Getting soaked on a training run, but doing so well, it didn't matter!

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