More manly DIY

Our vegetable patch grew a step nearer reality thanks to the muscle-flexing, testosterone-loaded visit to Wickes.

Noel was in his element as we strutted down the aisles surrounded by manly power tools in massive metal boxes, fancy saws designed to make zig-zag or swirly-whirly shapes, boxes of screws with neat partitions for size and shape of head, heavy duty knee pads with gel fitting providing protection for extreme DIY on cold, hard surfaces and industrial-size barrels of Wickes Brilliant White Emulsion.

But none of those were for us. Tempting though they were. It was the wood we wanted, planks big and strong enough to contain our market garden. That would be six two-metre lengths and a piece of 2×4 to cut into stakes. I have NO idea what that means, I’m just repeating what Noel said.

On the way to the checkout there were no racks of sweets or scented notepads to compensate bored spouses and children. But I did spot a cut-down cut-price own-brand WorkMate and knew it would encourage Noel  in his DIY venture.

And so it proved to be. He spent a happy afternoon assembling the WorkMate – and came to the conclusion it would make an excellent computer table. Well, once a programmer….

Today’s lovely thing

Reading the latest Teletubbies bestseller with a one-year-old. La la!!!!

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