I am not a name, I am a number

And that number is 568. My student number.

Week one and I am settling in to the whole student thing.  I’ve never really been a proper student before, we journalists didn’t  think of ourselves as such. We were hardened hacks, even when we weren’t in the least hardened and greener than a field of cabbage surrounded by grass.

But I am green now. Me? At my age? With my reputation? Oh, yes. I can tell you how green I am, I chuckled out loud when I saw the library. Books always thrill me, but lots of books thrill me lots. And the JB Morrell Library not only has a lot of books, but it has lots and lots of windows, filling the whole place with light. Oh, I’ve died and gone to heaven….I just glided down the book aisles, touching the titles. And I only got as far as the As before I had to go to class. Still. It’s open till midnight during the week and 9pm at the weekend.

The campus is gorgeous. I know that’s a word you’re not supposed to use, we were always marked down for including it in essays. But it is. It’s gorgeous. There’s a lake in the middle, ducks, geese, black swans and the occasional student glide along its waters. Some of the buildings are modern and concrete, and consequently a bit dull. But Heslington Hall, in its fabulous grounds and giant Yew tree chess set (I’ll post the pictures one day) is fabulous. There’s even a Quiet Place – Noel doesn’t think they’ll allow me in. We’ll see about THAT.

Being as flat as the Netherlands, York attracts bikes by the bakers’ dozen. Yesterday the Bike Doctor was there, and the four-deep queue stretched around the campus with students wheeling the prizes they’d bagged at the previous day’s auction.

My three Chinese classmates, Jo, Min and Xin, are also thrilled in their new environment. It’s massively impressive that they are studying in a language that is not their mother tongue.  Though Sing has given an open invitation to anyone who wants to learn Chinese. Looking at the beautiful script on her notebook, I’m very tempted.

Oh happy day.

Today’s lovely thing

Good coffee at a reasonable price

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