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Return of the Cyclops
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There is nothing more important than a good hairdresser. I have followed mine around the various salons of South Yorkshire for a decade now.

She has concocted so many colour combinations on the red spectrum that the Oxford English Dictionary has had to come up with more words to describe 'beyond red' (redoishiness).

She has listened to my anecdotes and ditties. We've laughed, cried and grumbled. Together, we have put the world to rights, though never once has she asked me what was I doing that night. She's far too sophisticated for that.

Now she's gone and got herself pregnant! What am I to do? My colours won't last until after her maternity leave – even though she'll be back pretty quickly. Fortunately, she has taught young Gemma all she knows, and given her lengthy instructions on the chemical cocktails to pour on my head in her absence.

Gemma will have the help of Alterna Professional Healthcare which has 'created groundbreaking forumlas that set the industry standard for the finest luxury haircare products in the world' I was made aware of this fact by Rob, the new junior stylist, who had had a crash course in Product.

This Product (shampoo would be too trite a title) had Enzymetherapy and Photozyme Complex with Colour Hold. It seems that enzymes occur naturally in the body (get away!) and convert nutrients into a usable form. Enzymetherapy assists in the delivery of effectiveness of essential ingredients by providing the enzymes required to help transform ingredients into a structure that the hair and follicle can absorb easily…resulting in stronger, thicker, healthier hair'

Made with Caviar Oil, the Product is safe for vegans.

Hang on a minute. Caviar – fish, right? Vegans – no fish, right?

Ah, said Rob, that confused me too. Must be non-fishy caviar

Must be.

Still, at £25 it was a steal. And of course I didn't buy any, no no no no…..

Today's lovely thing
The first sniff of autumn

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