My quandary

Self portrait on the run
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My big quandary today is, do I take it off to go to bed? I got around the shower thing by hanging it over the showerhead so I could see it.

There wasn’t even a problem with mowing the lawn, it just tucked in my jacket.

But now I have my first medal since my IDTA Waltz and Quickstep at the age of 9, I just don’t want to take it off.

It was the fourth 10k of the year for us – I did the I-thought-it-seemed-like-a-good-idea thing as I clicked on the button for the Cancer Research 10k at Harewood House stately home near Leeds. Noel, who does do detail noticed the course description was ‘hilly’ and ‘challenging’. But the good news was it wouldn’t be as hilly as last year. That’s all right then…….

About 1,400 people turned out on the grey September day. Laugh of the day was overheard by Noel in the gents.

“Ooooo, I wish I’d washed my hands after applying the Deep Heat….” Noel reckoned he spotted the same guy at the 5km pouring water down the front of his shorts…………

It was a spectacular view and lovely event. Maybe it was the training but it didn’t feel as hard as the first time. In fact, I quite enjoyed myself. Noel was off into the distance and managed a sub-hour finish. Given the hilliness and the congestion, I was pleased with my 67 minutes. I will break one hour at the next one!

Our friends Rachel and Martin said they’d be there to cheer us on. Not only did they cheer, they had been roped in as volunteers and were handing out water at the end! What a wonderful welcome THAT was.

The Earl of Harewood, who’s let us play in his front garden this year and the previous three, also let s into the house and gardens for free.

Thanks to friends and Flickr friends, we’ve raised more than £200 for Cancer Research.


Today’s lovely thing
Friends, friends and friends

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