I’m only doing this for charity……

Sometimes I get daft ideas. Actually, I get them a lot, I just don't fess up..

The Leeds Flickr Group has a weekly theme. It's just for fun and gets those creative juices flowing. The latest is 'undercrackers' which, to you and me is underwear.

Now, as another of my daft ideas is about to come to fruition, the Cancer Research 10k in the beautiful but, I now know, rather hilly grounds of Harewood House, I thought I'd try marry up the two. Take a photo of me in my running undercrackers and use it to get more sponsors. With the brand name of Shock Absorber, it can hardly claim to be glamour lingerie. It's massively functional and holds everything in place…if you see what I mean……

Of course, it had to be tasteful. Noel's technical wizardry came into its own as he set up the laptop to control the camera, so I could check the shot from in front of the camera, focus, change the shutter speed and aperture.

He also agreed to be the light stand as I played with my off-camera flash to get the lighting subtle.

I was quite pleased with the result. It remains to be seen whether it inspires sponsorship. Though to be honest, I'm delighted with the response so far. All I've got to do is run the thing now…….


Today's lovely thing
A full day's (chargeable) work followed by play.

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