He is the Gatebuilder…..

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Something's got into Noel. Out of the blue, he announced there was DIY to be done – and he was the man to do it.

He's been under pressure lately, so I just put it down to a rare form of hysteria. Nothing that a few hours idling in front of the computer, poring over obscure code wouldn't cure.

But no. The urge persisted. Purchases were made.

We have wood

6ft lengths. Various widths. A saw – with mitre block. And screws. Long and shiny.

This was serious.

It all started when the space in front of the house, euphemistically called the garden, started to actually look like a garden, with leaves, flowers and everything, thanks to my very own green fingers.

The effect was spoiled, though, by the big plastic wheelie bins which have to live there, because the gate at the back of the house is too narrow to accommodate them.

I'll say this for Noel, once he decides he's going to do something, he gets on with it. So Day One was measuring, sawing and moving big stones and building  a gate – from scratch – with the help of mortice and tenon joints. I was impressed.

Day two was more measuring and sawing – followed by hingefitting.

Day three and the weather closed in. But Noel was keen to get out there and do more sawing. He braved the rain and at great risk to himself and the National Grid, kept going with the electric drill, until the failng light forced him inside, straight to the fridge and the stock of beer reserved for those engaged in manly DIY

Day four, more sawing, more rain and approaching darkness. And finally. Twas done.Through the gloom I could see the sturdy uprights of a new gate – and glint of white as Noel beamed with pride.

There will be an official opening, ribbon cutting, you know the form. Royalty has been invited. We're waiting to hear…….

Sitting there with his well-earned beer, C++ reflected in his glasses, Noel sighed.

You know, I rather enjoyed that. I may have to build a screen fence next….

Steady on….

Today's lovely thing
Meeting an old friend and picking up where we left off.

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