Mark introduces himself

Clever girl!
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Mark held out his hand and announced he was very pleased to meet me.

"I love what you're wearing," he said, his hand holding on to mine for a little longer than ws really necessary.

"And your hair – fabulous!"

"You're a very attractive woman"

He smiled.

"Are you from round here?"

"Well, thank you very much," I told him as I looked up from the Jean Renoir section of World Cinema DVDs in Borders, pushing my glasses back and wondering where his white stick was.I must have had at least 15 years on him.

"Er, I am married. And, er, my husband is coming up from the Very Clever Computer Programming for Black Belt Judo Experts section. That's after he bought out the entire Controlling Your Raging Jealousy section. But it is very nice to meet you. Mark."

He smiled sheepishly and went to pick on someone his own age.

It's the second time this week I've been propositioned. The first was far more subtle. Returning from Derby a smart man smiled and offered to carry my 10kg laptop bag. Well, I have to carry my entire office with me – and I need to get in training for hoiking gear up a few moutains. I politely refused, but he walked beside me. Chatting pleasantly he told me he was from Libyia and was studying at university here. He was single and on his way home to Bradford.

"Well, I told him, politely, lovely to meet you. I have to go now and catch the same connection as you." I didn't say the second bit, it may have seemed rude.

Today's lovely thing

Sharing jelly and a good book at a first birthday party (see photo)

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