Knocking shop raid causes chocolate cake crisis

Gilded Cupcake
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There was no chocolate cake at my favourite cafe this week. No crumbs for my tall skinny latte to soak up. No soft, fudgy icing and moist cake drenched in chocolaty syrup, smothered with light, whipped cream. No plate to lick. Just coffee.

It seems the crisis was caused by raids on two local knocking shops. The knock-on effect, as it were, has had an impact on the local economy.

Everyone knows that two particular saunas in the Kirkstall area offer a little more than the usual hot coals and hotter air. Maybe the clue was in the name, Gemini Sauna (the twins), I ASK you! Stiil they had been there for years and there is a debate to be had about their place in society. Not a debate I'll be having here. This is a family page.

But the police raid them from time to time, make a few arrests, slap a few wrists and it all settles down again.

Such businesses can't run on bread alone, the workers have to be fed. I understand one local entrepreneur supplied them with sausage rolls and chocolate cake, like MY chocolate cake.

Following the raid, the entrepreneur has also gone out of business – or at least is taking a short holiday.

Maybe I'll try the cup cakes next week, they come from someone related to Kipling. And they are exceedingly good.

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It's weekend!

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