Photography Rule Number One

Photography Rule Number One
Originally uploaded by StripeyAnne

With so many compliments, my photography head has got very big indeed. What with taking wedding photos and being asked to take this and that for commercial use, arty shots, and dabbling with post processing, I may have been getting a bit above myself.

The Dewsbury Donkey Day (actually Grange Moor, but not as alliterative) was another idea place to photograph quirky things. Marilyn, who looks after a number of donkeys – and makes sure others do too, organises this annual event to raise cash for the charity.

It was, unfortunately, another rainy July day. We've had a lot of them so far this month. So it was out with the wellies, brollies and macs. I was especially attracted to these wellies as this lady sheltered in the tent full of raffle prizes, home-made cakes and ice cream. If only I'd looked behind my smiling subject before taking the shot…….That'll teach me!

Today's lovely thing

Torrential rain hitting the conservatory roof so hard it sounds like frying bacon.



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