Metcheck’s meteorological mistake

Not as easy as it looks!
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Planning a group climbing trip always has its challenges.

First there's the venue. Nothing too high, sharp or scary. Somwehere to sit – bearing in mind that you spend four times as long watching and hanging around than actually climbing;  good facilities ie not the usual behind-the-bushes approach taken by hardened climbers, a cafe, nearby car park, plenty of spare harnessess and smelly climbing shoes and, of course, good weather.

We managed to arrange all but the last one. The weather. Anyone could have been fooled into thinking it was summer, it being June and all. The usually infallible folk at said it would be dull but dry. So just exactly WHERE did the rain come from?

Our small but perfectly formed group didn't seem too troubled – they knew we were heading for the pub afterwards. Most were fellow Flickrites, plus our friends Lou and Andrew with their adorable youngsters Amber and Sam.

Some of the Flickrites hadn't met before, so it's always amusing when the introductions start. There was Great Thark and his son Little Thark, Mer de Glace, Verrico, JS Wood, Flickr newbie LeedsYorkshire and my other half Will Codetoski.

The children were up and down the rocks like sure-footed mountain goats. The grown-ups were more wary. No point in getting injured when there was beer to be had!

It had been about 11 months since we last climbed in anger. For both Noel and I it was good to feel the coarse grirtstone on our  hands – and to  feel it again i the shower this morning! Gritstone rash. Can't beat it

Today's lovely thing
Designer ice-cream in a sugar sprinkle cone

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