Birthday breakfast bash

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I have a Significant Birthday next year. You know, one of those with a zero.

Now, there are two approaches available to us zeros. Either we can completely ignore the fact that we're getting older and be in denial, refusing to answer any age-related questions and making no comments on musical genre, so as not to give anything away…..

Or, and this is the one I prefer, you can make such a big thing of it that no-one DARE accuse you of being an old gimmer.

Even though there's more than six months to go, preparations have already begun for my Birthday Year.

I have lots of plans, including a ceilidh on the big day. The village hall has already been booked, quite a bargain at £6 an hour.

But what to do about the food? Well, it is MY birthday, so I get to choose. And my favourite meal is…. breakfast. A good fry up. Or freshly-baked criossants. Or a steaming bowl of oatmeal with borage honey. Or a platter of fresh fruit. Or jelly – yes, I've had jelly for breakfast in the USA (where else) Or the whole lot. Mmmmmmm

Sometimes I have two breakfasts – I've even been known to have three when we've had an early start for a flight.

I had a word with my caterer, Mr Fat Chops, today – probably inspired by the mountain of bacon, egg, sausage, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast they were tucking into on the next table.

He got very excited at the prospect of such a culinary challenge.

So did I.

Today's lovely thing
Friendly banter with a fellow school governor

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