Reflections on a wedding

Reflections on a wedding
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It's Midsummer's Day, it's England, there's a special wedding and, of course, it's raining.

But no amount of rain on earth was going to spoil it for our nephew Sam and his lovely fiance Suzanne.

It's not as if the unseasonal cold and wet wasn't expected. Those whizzy guys at warned us. So rather than wear my sleeveless floaty thing, I pulled a jumper out of winter storage and buttoned up the trench coat I'd bought on spec this very week. Noel grabbed the brolly and we were right as rain.

Sam had asked if I'd take photos – their budget wouldn't run to a professional. Happy to help, I said. GULP.

I had to act out of character, boss people around and shout. It was a challenge, but I managed.

The weather let up so I could practice the shouting and bossing about as friends and relatives posed wiht the happy couple. The bridesmaids, ushers and best man high-tailed it to the nearby playground and everyone was happy.

You can't beat a good wedding!

Today's lovely thing
Wedding cake cut from the corner so there's extra marzipan!

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