View from the Bridge

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not really runner. I'm more of an enthusiastic leg-mover. One reason is that I'm just too nosey, well, you know the saying, once a journalist…., so I spend a lot of time looking around and making conversation, even if there's no-one there. Another is that I'm not actually very good at it. Just enthusiastic.

I entered us in the Apperley Bridge Canter, a 10k, because it was an evening run and near to home. It also gave us something to train for – and I hoped I'd get a medal. I'm just desperate for a medal.

It was rather intimidating walking up the drive to the mustering point. There were some very serious-looking runners in proper kit, with their numbers primly pinned in the right place.  I was in my chafe-resistant and rather unflattering long kegs with smartwool top and number at a jaunty angle and my lucky stripey buff. I looked the part – the part of a non-runner.

Waiting there with his long lens was fellow Flickrite Kenton (It's Alive) who promised to snap us en route. Oh good, just what I needed, photographic evidence of my lack of all things stylish on the running field. I'd brought the little Pentax camea with me, thinking it would be fun to try get a few photos on the way. Well, I'd be going slow enough to take a few.

In the end, and thanks to my lucky stripey buff, I did it in 67 minutes, which, considering it was from a standing start and I was at the back and that I stopped when a lady in front of me fell to check she was OK (she was) is about the same as I did at Dewsbury – but with hills. I was not last – 340 out of 348. The last place went to a Muslim lady who ran the course run in modest attire, including a covered head. Good for her.

I got a goodie bag with a Mars Bar and another bag, well, you can never have too many bags. No medal, though. Damn! Maybe next time – the Leeds 10k.

A word about Noel, he was going great guns when he got a twinge in his troublesome Achilles. In anticiption of a few days glacier trekking in the summer, he decided to walk the last few kilometres to make sure it didn't get worse. Good call, Noel. And of course I'm not going to mention that I came in ahead of him. No, not me. Noooooooooooo.

Today's lovely thing
Being asked to keep a very special secret.

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