Grudge purchase

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We made a real grudge purchase today. A vacuum cleaner. Why don't the damned things last forever? All they do is suck up dust, is it too much to ask that they just carry on? What was it about the plaster and soot from our completely frivolous wood-burning stove purchase it couldn't cope with? It threw a right old hissy fit and belched out more dust than it caught.

The local vac repair man shook his head and tutted. He's already told me off for not cleaning the filter (you can CLEAN them?). Nope, it was terminal.

I'm of the view that if you can't wear, eat, travel, or take pictures with it, then it's a grudge purchase and serious consideration should be given as to whether the purse is opened at all.

But there you go, the vacuum cleaner was on the blink and had to be replaced. Why oh why are there so many to choose from? It took us more time to choose a replacement than to buy our house! We merely stepped through the door here and said, 'yes, we'll take it'. Five minutes. Done!

Noel did the necessaries. But it didn't stop there, the thing had to be assembled. Agh! All that valuable time! We could have been booking holidays!

Still. It's sorted now.

Just hope the cleaner likes it, I'm beggared if I know how to use the thing…..

Today's lovely thing

A sun-warmed lawn

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