Women are from Venus….

Women are from Venus….
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I came over all creative. The heavenly scent from last year's sweet peas had intoxicated us all summer as it drifted through the conservatory and fought with the cooking smells. The only downside had been the ugly canes and random twine arrangement I'd contrived to support them.

This year, I thought, I'd do it differently. Chicken wire. that's the way forward. Shiny, bendy and strong. Let the imagination run riot, sculpt, and shape to support the plants. It'll be a feature.

I patiently cut the wire into long strips with the tiniest clippers in the world. It fought and scratched me, but I persisted. Lovely long strips, scrunched and wound around a pole to make a self-supporting stand.


I didn't do physics at school. Though I won the classics prize. But classics didn't tell me that the lovely-looking wire was not very strong at all. It wilted and flopped.

Mmmmm. Hadn't thought of that. What to do? Noel arrived home and when he'd finished laughing, battled with some more of the stuff to make something that looked like a chicken run. The irony. So it's back to the canes as a temporary measure while I take A-level physics…..

Still, the sculpture, as I now like to call it, wasn't lost. I stuck it in the front garden for fuschia to climb. And to entertain the passers-by.

Today's lovely thing
The first barbecue of the year

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