Take my photo… nooooo, don’t take my photo!

I'm privileged to be a governor at the local primary school. I get to go to meetings and do governance-type things, quite different in scale from the NHS set-up I've been groomed for, so there's always something new to learn.

Each of the governors has adopted, or rather is adopted by a year group, which we then follow through school. I'm with year two, an absolutely delightful class of clever, curious, lively and well-behaved six (ish)-year-olds.

The first time I met them, I took my rucksack full of climbing and trekking gear to show and tell. Class teacher Jane Harper had prepared them for a special visitor – how cool was that? They weren't entirely clear what a governor was – good grief at their age neither was I – but the were clear on three points:

1 – I would arrive in a limo
2 – I was very rich
3 – I was part of the government

Well, one out of three ain't bad. I walked from home, I'm not and never will be rich, no point in that, I'd just spend it but, as an NHS employee, I guess I am part of the government.

They were interested in the climbing harness, heavy boots, crampons and ice axe, but the hit of the afternoon was the description of mountain hut toilets…..uproar! What is it about kids and toilets? Actually, it's not just kids! The best part for me were the left-field questions and comments from the kids. I was particularly impressed with one young man whose hand shot, I thought with a question..

Please miss, there's a satellite going to fall from the sky and I'm worried it might fall on my head….

Well, how do you answer THAT? I was surprised he knew that fact, not the falling on the head thing, the satellite thing. He said he'd seen it in the news. Wow!

Today I joined them in preparation for their turn at taking the weekly school assembly. They had written poems, and read prose. 


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A phone call from an old friend

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