In Bruges

Let me declare an interest from the outset. I am of Irish stock and am well in tune with the Irish sense of humour, in fact, I have a smattering of it myself. I can't compete with my dad, a real thoroughbred. When he dislocated this elbow has asked the doctor if he'd ever be able to play the piano when he was recovered.

Of course, said the doctor.

Ah, he said, that would be great, so it would. I couldn't play a note before.

Anyway. It was that kind if humour that permeated the wonderful, if a little foul-mouthed and a lot violent Film 4 offering In Bruges. Hitmen Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell are dispatched to Bruges to await instructions from bossman Rafe Fiennes, on splendid form in an unhinged kind of way. The bickering and cameraderie with that fabulous Irish lilt are priceless.

The story is clever, the characters are quirky – a racist dwarf, for heaven's sake and the denoument, well, that would spoil, but ery good, though I confess I covered my eyes at one point. Well, it is an 18 certificate.
Needless to say, go see it. We laughed out loud.

Today's lovely thing
Making sweet pea supports with chicken wire

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