Mama, dada……Matbro….

It's every parent's delight. Firstborn's first words. Whether it is 'mama' before 'dada' is moot. what, we want to know, will be the THIRD word?

Noel and I went to visit First Grandchild, Elizabeth, at her North Yorkshire hill-farm home. Dad Tom is a farmer and along with mum Hannah is proud to show her the cattle, hens, tractor and other farmyard stuff.

Elizabeth is fascinated by the machinery, especially the Matbro, a mini digger-type JCB with changeable attachments. She often sees it chugging around the yard, OK, so it may not chug and it may not be a yard, but I'm a townie, so what do I know?

It was no surprise at all to Hannah and Tom at least – and a matter of some pride, that her third word was… Matbro.

Elizabeth is hale and hearty and, at nine months, is a shuffle away from standing and walking on her own two feet. If this photograph is anything to go by, she'll also be teaching Grandad Noel a thing or two before too long from the HTML book he brought her. Well, not REALLY HTML, no computer programmer TRULY wants  his grand-daughter to follow in his footsteps!

Today's lovely thing
Giggling like teenagers over something very silly inded

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