Full house at the Mechanics Institute

After the poor attendances at Calverley Players' last production of The Odd Couple (female version) and the cancellation of a February show for want of a director, I was quite worried about the future for this dedicated and hard-working troupe of thespians.

We always try to go to each production, whatever it is. A kind of support your local actor thing. The best are always comedies with a northern flavour, none of that struggling with funny accents. Last week the Players presented Jimmie Chinn's Albert Make Us Laugh. I say that like it's well-known. Probably it is, by Mrs Chinn and a few others, but it's none the worse for that.

Five of us had a slap-up meal of Calverley fish and chips – with a portion of peas, then it was through the ginnels and snickets to the Mechanics Institute where we were greeted by – a queue. Yes, we had to queue to get in. And not only that, the only seats left were those stacked up the side of the walls. We quickly pondered heading for the movies, but no, the accommodating front-of-house staff sorted us out – and sold us raffle tickets.

We couldn't account for this sudden interest in the theatre, As usual there were signs on every lamppost and in the village's three shops. The only new publicity was a banner along the side of the dog-training school. target marketing? Well, they were certainly barking up the right tree.

Maybe they'd heard about the nudity. Nudity in Calverley? Indeed so. Large as life, a rather pert male bottom mooned at us. Who'd have thought it? The bare-faced cheek. Still, it brings in the audiences.

The play was fine, if a little gritty and northern, but that's theatre for you. Half-time, sorry, the interval is always a dash for the instant coffee or orange tea. With biscuit. Or, for another 40p, a Twix. And on this occasion, a chance to check out the hall itself ready for a very special birthday celebration in January.

Keep up the good work, Calverley Players!

Today's lovely thing
The smell of washing brought in from the outside line.

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