Of COURSE I’ll babysit!

El gigantón
Originally uploaded by Moonyabbit

A glass has already been raised to John who, within a week of arriving in Oviedo with his one-way ticket, has a job, a local cafe and wi-fi haven and a 50m swimming pool all to himself.

Now his partner Liz is getting ready to join him. When I saw her today she asked if I'd babysit her plant pride and joy,.el palo borracho, grown from seed.

Of course, I said. Though plants in my house survive more by luck than good care. Liz had fallen in love with the beautiful flowers and thorny trunks of the trees while she and John were in Argentina. The trunk gets a beer gut-like growth, hence its nickname, 'drunken stick'

It's a very healthy looking plant, Liz is pictured with it a year ago. When I checked it out on the ever-faithful Wikipedia I was a little alarmed to discover its full-grown height is 25metres, with a girth of two metres.

So I'll put it in the hall, then…….

Today's lovely thing
Helping a friend

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