April showers

Spot the picnickers!
Originally uploaded by StripeyAnne

What a great day to take to the hills. This morning there wasn't a cloud in the sky as we headed for the Yorkshire Dales with our good friends Rachel and Martin. They are both in training for the 26-mile Three Peaks Challenge which they'll do for charity – along with 98 of Rachel's colleagues.

Today was an altitude run, Well, as much altitude as you can get in Yorkshire, that'll be just short of 700m. It's a bit of a pull up the hill, but well worth it when you get to the top where you can have a cup of tea and a bun with grand views. Of course you have to bring your own tea and bun. And take the wrapping away with you.

The forecast was for snow later in the day. There was a light dusting as we got to the top and some interesting clouds looming ahead. Sure enough, as we went down over the gritstone layer back to limestone, the snow came.

Good job I got a photo at the top, as visibility dropped. These guys, though, were determined to have their picnic. We. on the other hand, returned to the cafe in Horton-in-Robblesdale for custard-related eating.

The next time Rachel and Martin will be back there, they'll be clocking in to time their Three Peaks walk. If they do it in under 12 hours they get a certificate. And Compeed for their blisters.

Today's lovely thing
Perfectly-formed snowflakes. In April!

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