Sithee, we’re reet smart!

The Spoon
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Yorkshire folk are smart. It's official.

According to findings presented to the British Psychological Society's annual meeting in Dublin, the sound of the Yorkshire accent is the sound of someone bright. Two researchers presented a group of 48 people with photographs while listening to voices of various accents and were asked to rate those they thought were most intelligent. Yorkshire came out top.

Of couse, we Tykes knew that anyway, just ask (Sir) Geoffrey Boycott, the Universe's leading authority on cricket and just about everything else. Yorkshire has given birth to clever clogs like Joseph Priestley (scientist), John Harrison (clockmaker), James Cook (explorer), William Wilberforce (abolitionist), the Brontes, cats-eye inventor Percy Shaw and writers Alan Bennett and JB Priestley, not to mention to sporting genius of Gordon Banks, Len Hutton and Sir Geoffrey himself.

Bottom of the table, beaten even by silence, came the Brummies. I make no comment. I'm too intelligent.

Today's lovely thing
Knowing the cheque's in the post.

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