Hasta la vista, John!

New toy!
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2008 is a definite year for change and new beginnings. The easiest thing you can do is stay the same. The most uncomfortable s to change, whether it's something as mundane as breakfast cereal brands or routes to work to the biggies like job, career or country.

For me, it'll be the first two biggies. For now. But raise a glass to John, who's now in Oviedo, North Spain, after buying a one-way ticket to change. With his maximum 20kg hold baggage and something close to that in his hand, we dropped him at Stansted for his 11am flight to a new life.

Armed with his ever-improving Spanish, honed by a year in Argentina, his camera, laptop and can-do attitude, he's starting something new. What that might be, well, who knows, he doesn't exactly, but has some ideas. He'll soon be joined by his girlfriend whose own can-do attitude scores 11 and taking it from there.

I'll drink to that. Inspired? I am. I'm planning my own changes.

Today's lovely thing
Sitting in a sun-filled conservatory, reading a good book and looking up from time to time to watch the nest-making birds

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