Stress scores 11

Brother-in-law Dan and his lovely partner Claire are today taking Noel's mum Wendy to Japan. It was always going to be a long day – but there was some kind of conspiracy.

To start with, Noel's dad James hurt his foot. No, not the foot he put the garden fork through, the other one, which meant he couldn't drive them to the airport. Noel volunteered, but set off to find the M62 closed and all the motorway traffic clogging up the surrounding roads. He called me, wanting to capitalise on my rat-running skills. Unfortunately, I have to be in the car to do the whole rat running thing. Even with the help of Google Maps it was a challenge to talk him through the backstreets of Brighouse.

Finally they got to the airport for the British Airways flight to the new terminal 5 at Heathrow. Yes, the new all-singing, all-dancing state-of-the-art terminal which opened the previous day. And immediately broke. Chaos reigned then but had subsided enough to only delay the flight 90 minutes.

The flight checker says they will arrive on time…. we wait to see….

Today's lovely thing

Towelling down the cat after he got drenched in a downpour. He hated it!

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