Absent friends

It started as an aside. Simon and Helen were unable to join us on a gang trip to Scarborough.

"Is there anything we can bring you back?" We asked, thinking rock, or little plaster of Paris model of the castle.

"Aw, just write 'arse' in the sand and take a photo……."

So we did. And it was fun, so it became a tradition, whenever Simon couldn't join us – and even when he could, 'arse' was written. Famous places have included in the snow at Argentiere, Banff, Utah and on the summit of the Breithorn. It's also been written with sweet wrappers in a Chamonix restaurant. Painting and decorating just cries out for it – though it took four coats of paint to cover our tribute in our bedroom. The latest is the spare bedroom. Now covered with and obscured by wallpaper – but we know it's there. And, in decades to come, when the next occupants of this house strip the walls down to bare plaster – so will they. Tee hee

Today's lovely thing
The blackbird's song at 4am

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