Sport Relief

The Sport Relief Mile 2008. Or, in our case, three miles. Liz, Noel and I today donned our stripey socks and lined up with hundreds of other fund-raisers at a chilly Roundhay Park.

After an aerobics-style warm up with The Girls From Ballentynes we were ready to go. Of course, Noel 'I don't dance' wasn't as warmed up as the rest of us, but he managed.

It was thrilling to see young and old of all shapes and sizes and different states of fancy dress going at their own pace, having fun – at least until they reached the first hill! I managed to pass Spiderman and The Flinstones – though never caught up with Tweety Pie.

Despite the numbers of people and the uncompetitiveness of the event, we did make it in reasonable time. Noel and Liz kindly held back so I could keep up with them for a sprint finish. So all in all, 30 minutes wasn't bad. There were no medals, we were doing this for charity, but Sainsbury, the sponsor, provided goodie bags with useful and not-so-useful contents:

  • – cereal bar (wo-hooo!)
  • – cranberry juice (always welcome)
  • – garlic and chilli cashews (a donation to John)
  • – lo salt (I ask you!)

And finally, decaffeinated tea.

Now, what's the point of THAT? Still, Noel said he'd take it to work – his colleagues don't know any better. Thanks to those who sponsored. It was fun.

Today's lovely thing

Picking the last pieces of yesterday's roast lamb from the bone. Bliss!

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