Blisters and backpacks

To 'Ell and back
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I have been to 'Ell and back.

I have a certificate and the biggest blister in the world to prove it.

'Ell, would you believe, is in the heart of Yorkshire. And while there may be the odd wail and occasional gnash of teeth, it's not Hell at all. It''s Elland and environs, and it's lovely – if a little hilly.

The 15-mile walk to 'Ell and Back is an annual romp up and down the steep hills and valleys in this part of Calderdale, organised by Elland Round Table. It is the shortest long distance walk in the country so it attracts walkers from as far away as, well, Leeds. And if 15 miles is a bit wussy, there's always the 30-mile run. Marathon plus – respect to all who did THAT.

The April showers came a month early, but for the rest of the walk it was fine. I even managed to take in a mud massage after slipping and falling in what can only be described as a girlie fashion. I'm expecting the mud to have great rejuvenating properties….

There were at least 245 of us (Noel was number 245) and we were well catered for all the way around. Pictured here is the buttie stop – a necessity before the Great Climb out of Ripponden towards base at Greetland where, after what must have been the longest final mile ever, we tucked into our reward of pie and mushy peas smothered with mint sauce and a dollop of Daddy's. Priceless.

I promised the young men in the photo I'd mail them a copy – with typical Yorkshire dourness they informed me I'd be lucky.

"Tha'll 'ave ter send it snail mail, we've none of t'internet, sithee'

So they'll never know how famous they are, making it to this blog read by literally single numbers of people!

Today's lovely thing

Turning off the alarm and turning over. Sweet sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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