How fast can you run 100 metres?

You're in a job interview. One of those tedious reality-free competency-based interviews where every sentence starts:

'Tell me about a time when you…..'

In the NHS and other parts of the public sector, the rest of the sentence usually includes words such as 'transformational change', 'leadership style' , 'deal with conflict'. Unfortunately – and probably the reason for my zero score on the job-hunting front, my answers usually end with 'load of bollocks' – which I said in my head. At least I THINK it was in my head.

Anyway. Imagine it's you. Then one of the interviews leans across the table, eyeballs you and asks:

'Tell me. How fast can you run 100 metres?'

What would you say? I know I'd say it depended what was chasing me, but what an excellent question! Well, that's the question Noel's boss Paul asks at interviews. He reckons it puts people on their back foot and has them think outside the competency-based framework box. Good on you, Paul.

So if you apply for an IT job in the NHS in North West of England – be prepared.

Today's lovely thing

Finishing a three-mile run with a walk to the newsagent and spending the rest of the afternoon reading the newspaper. Bliss!

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