An excuse to wear red and white socks

Not that I need any excuse to wear red and white, but Sports Relief weekend (14-16 March) will see hundreds of thousands of red-and-white-clad runners/joggers/walkers/hoppers run a mile or more.

Noel and I, bitten by the bug, will run three miles at Roundhay Park, Leeds, on the 16th.  We're not going in for the whole sponsorship thing, we'll just make a donation. Though I did have half an idea to ask my friends to pay me to wear a slogan – the crazier the better. It reminds me of those wacky graphic artists I used to work with who tittered as they pinned silly notes to account executives (well. wouldn't you?) One went home on the bus with an invitation to  'kick me' on her back. No-one did. They wouldn't have dared. My personal favourite was 'I rinse goats'. I have NO idea what that meant – the lads were fuelled by lethal levels of caffeine and made sense only to themselves and their mothers.

Anyway, if you're prepared to pay me cash for Sports Relief  to wear a silly slogan – I'll do it. No obscenities, profanities or bad spelling.

Here's a reminder of how silly I look. My friend Ruth, on the other hand, looks the part. Albert Einstein was looking good for his age though could have done with a haircut.

Lovely thing today – Freshly brewed Darjeeling poured from a teapot into a china cup. It's the champagne of teas – and I take tea half a dozen times a day.

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