Contagious good fortune

It's one of those lovely and unexpected moments that brightens the day.

I pulled into a parking space in central Bradford, just beside the law courts. Maybe at this point I should add it was a masterpiece of parking perfection – there could have been photographic evidence, but just take my word for it.

Anyway, I had my shiny £1 coins ready to feed the machine when I heard a whistle from across the car park.

'Are YOU whistling at ME?'

Yes. He was. Mr Rather Smart looking pleased as Punch waved his ticket and rushed to greet me. He pointed across at the courts.

'I've just come into some money there,' he smiled as he handed me his ticket.'Here, take this – I've gained so you can too!'

Well. I was touched! Maybe it was karma for me handing over the unspent part of my ski pass to the young receptionist on minimum wage unable to afford it.

Today's lovely thing
Woodsmoke from the new stove.

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