Jumper. It’s pants!

Only 88 minutes, but I want most of those back, In fact any of the minutes that don't have Jamie Bell.

Jumper director Doug Ligman was trying just too hard after The Bourne Identity. Good premise – certain individuals have the gift of the jump – think jaunting a la Tomorrow People. But they are chased by baddies. Haydn Christensen – a nominal goody meets Sam L, a baddy with bad hair who seems the jumpers as anomalies.

Lots of clever CGI and jumping around exotic locations. But no real plot. No real characters. No real resolution and, do you know what, I didn't really care what happened to ANY of them! Harsh, I know, but I paid to see this and I want my money back!

So what made it pants? OK. Five things:

1 – The Haydn Christensen character set out his stall as a liar and a thief. It's hard to sympathise when he's brought to book
2 – The Sam L character is supposed to be some sort of righteous cleanser working for the common good – Chiwitel Ejifor did it MUCH better in Serenity
3 – The Jamie Bell character didn't get enough screen time – he was by far the most interesting
4 – So much action, so little plot
5 – Looks like there may be a sequel – no-one dies……

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