Reflections on a new era

Reflections on a new era
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At last. The northerners can venture to Paris on the Eurostar without that hour-long expensive trek across London.

Yes, Waterloo, much to the approval of our French neighbours, has finally met its Waterloo.

St Pancras, the station famous, in my book anyway, as the home of the gods in the Long Dark Teatime of the Soul, is now a heaven for travellers tired of airport queues and scrabbling for seats in cut-price no-service airlines.

It's a fabulous piece of engineering and modern consumersim. Where else can I faff around with my camera, various lenses and daft stances. stay dry and pick up Marks and Spencer's chocolate raisins, the best on the planet?

Though I very nearly did get picked up by a young man en route to Marrakesh who admired my camera, gave me a fascinating talk on superstructures and rivets and asked if I'd like to go with him . And yes, before you ask, he was the worse for either drink or recreational pharmaceuticals.

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