Are you looking at ME?

Are you looking at ME?
Originally uploaded by StripeyAnne

If you're stressed. And believe me, I'm stressed. Very stressed. Stressed enough to say bad words to bad people. Words that wouldn't get through any right-thinking firewall. But I digress….

When you're stressed, there is nothing better than meeting up with mates and heading for the hills. The fresh air and good company chase away all the gremlins.

This weekend we tottered up Ingleborough in the Yorkshire Dales. It's hardly a mountain. Not even a fell really, but it's a bit steep and you do deserve a pat on the back for getting up there.

It was a bit grey weatherwise, so when I spotted a discarded orange skin I thought it would make a good contrast for my photo. The sheep had other ideas. Who'd argue with those horms?

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