Look what the cat brought in

…not for the squeamish!

The Cat who sometimes lives with us (how can I call it OUR cat after I've witnessed his tarty behaviour first-hand?) earned his keep the other day. I just wish he hadn't felt it necessary to bring the proof into the house.

He just trotted through the conservatory, bold as brass and brazen with it carrying a rat. A dead rat. If I hadn't yelled AGHHHHH, WHAT'S THAT DANGLING FROM THE CAT'S MOUTH? Cat would have taken his prize, well, who knows where!

Looking a little nonplussed, he dashed outside, dropped the corpse and scarpered, leaving me to deal with the deceased. Actually, I'm not very knowledgeable on matters rodent, so I thought  it was just a big mouse.

Maybe it was.

Judge for yourself……



Rat and a smug-looking cat

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