The car is dead – long live the car!

It was always going to be a close-run thing. My much-neglected and infrequently-cleaned car never really had a chance after its contretemps last week.

Brian from the garage called, sucked air through his teeth, held back a sigh and broke the news. It was going to be expensive. Too expensive. The insurance wouldn't pay, it wasn't worth it. Instead, they would give me a cheque to buy another. Well, not actually BUY, more like put a deposit on one.

I'd had a premonition about it as I took out my beloved possessions, the old sticks of chewing gum, the ice scraper, almost new thanks to global warming, the old earring, a couple of headlight bulbs (wrong size, but unswapped)  and part of a hands free for my Blackberry. No, I thought, they will never see the inside of this car again.

Brian promised they would give the car a good send-off. Is there anything I'd left in the car I wanted before it went to the great breakers' yard in the sky? Only my heart, I said. Really? he asked. No, not really. It's only a car…..

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One thought on “The car is dead – long live the car!

  1. So sorry to hear about the car. I'm kind of hoping that one of my cars dies here soon, although I can't really afford a new one. I have a winter car and a summer car here, by necessity. And also thanks to global warming, it's just about time to switch to the summer car again since we had about an entire week of winter this year.

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