The Utah Seven ski Brighton

Mt Timpanogos
Originally uploaded by StripeyAnne.

Brighton, Utah, that is. With just a day off since last Friday, our ski legs have got shorter and our panda eyes bigger. The record temperatures continue and the promised powder just hasn't materialised. But, with views like this, what the heck?!

If you've never skied in the USA before, here's a few pointers:

1 – There's no such thing as a crowded piste. At times, we've had them all to ourselves.
2 – The Americans are VERY polite skiers. The queue (or rather line) system is logical and gets everyone through quickly. On the piste, you'll hear 'coming to your left/right' followed by a courteous 'thank you'
3 – There are no red runs. Really! It goes from blue to black to double black diamond
4 – There are trees!
5 – Spare bras are deposited on designated trees, along with beads and other items of underwear. I have NO idea why.
6 – The chair lifts are very slow and foot rests are rare – I think it's some king of tendon-stretching exercise…….

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