Apres ski

We swam in this!
Originally uploaded by StripeyAnne.

After a particularly gnarly session on the slopes, what better way to relax than a swim deliciously warm water? The hotel pool is fine and dandy, but we wanted something different, more – natural.

So we headed for the continental USA's only warm water scuba diving destination – Homestead Crater, just outside Park City, Utah. It's a wacking great limestone bubble with a 65ft-deep pool kept at a steady 90F by Mother Nature. Unlike most American leisure facilities, this was a little basic. The changing rooms – a couple of old shower curtains – were all that protected everyone's modesty. And then we emerged into what looked like an abyss. A dark pool with its only light coming from the hole high above in the top.

I scored another first. Snorkelling. After inhaling far too much water and splashing everyone with my oversized flippers, I found another sport to enjoy! There was a gaggle of divers below and it was fun to just float there watching them.

It soothed the aching bones, ready for another day on the slopes tomorrow. Can't wait!


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