Ban the bag….the campaign gathers momentum!

My Ban the Bag resolve was seriously put to the test today. We had a full-on shopping trip that required purchases in many shops in Leeds city centre. And all I had was my trusty stripey bag, a Sainsbury's re-usable carrier, my handbag, full of camera in case of photo opportunities and a handy husband.

First stop. Border's, Leeds. Birthday vouchers HAD to be spent – a newspaper HAD to be bought. Greetings cards were NEEDED. And there was that rather charming stripey luggage tag. The till rang upits tally – the Borders bag was at the ready. But no, I said. I am on a one-woman campaign to ban the carrier bag. Cool, was the response. I wish more people would do that.. Out came the Sainsbury's bag. Result!

Next stop. Big Issue. No bag needed.

Next stop. More of a challenge, this. New jeans. The challenge was more bum-related than bag-related. Who DO they model jeans on? Not me! But then again, I'm not a teenager with no hips or buttocks! Purchase made (much sighing and patient pacing from Noel) and my mantra. No carrier bag…. Mmmm, said the assistant, good idea, as she popped the receipt into the pocket.

Next stop. More of a challenge, this. the market for vegetables. I also wanted to avoid those silly little bags that make your veg sweat and then burst at the least provocation. The stall-holder Mr Grumpy (not his real name) gave me a surly look as I told him about the whole carrier bag thing.

'I'll have to weigh them first' he grunted.

'Really? I was thinking of sticking them straight in my bag and legging it out of here after tying you up with your own roll of ozone-busting bags….." I NEARLY said. But no. And for devilment, he insisted on putting the carrots into a bag. I won't go THERE again!

Aborted purchases at a couple of shops – it is a woman's privilege to look and not buy… followed by the final wallet-emptier at the Running Shop. Well the shorts WERE a bargain.

No bag for me, I told the rather impressively-honed Kiwi who served me. Ex rugby player, you know. Sweet, he said.

And then we went home. Virtually bagless.

Join me! Ban the bag. Make it a more than one woman campaign!

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