Winter. Don’t blink – you’ll miss it!

Originally uploaded by StripeyAnne.

Winter came. And went within 36 hours. That's global warming for you.

The garden was getting up to all sorts of tricks, refusing to shed leaves that should have fluttered away in winter. And throwing out shoots from the roses and hydrangea. It's just not natural!

But winter gave one last blast. After the previous weekend when we were all in short sleeves, it was back. Traffic chaos ensued. Shovels were retrieved from the back of garages to clear driveways and roads – and the sledges were dusted down. Children made snowmen and a bunch of juveniles got themselves into REAL trouble for making a 4ft-high snow penis. No photographic evidence, I'm afraid, and I'm certainly not going to Google THAT one!

We woke to the sound of melting snow so I dashed out to take this before it all went. Lucky I did!

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5 thoughts on “Winter. Don’t blink – you’ll miss it!

  1. Cool picture!Even here in Southern California where people think the weather is in a perpetual state of either spring or fall, it's weird. The tomatos in our backyard are all ripe and ready for picking; sort of bizarre.

  2. We've had a grand total of about 2 inches of snow all winter and now it has been raining for the last 5 days. I'm in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. We usually have more like 5 feet of snow by now so I can identify with the~don't blink, you'll miss it~title!
    We've been doing the snow dance for weeks now and nothing! Where did winter go!?

  3. We're back to rain now, it's very disappointing, especially as we had the skis ready to hit the local golf course!I'm surprised the Sierra Nevada hasn't had more snow – I'll do a dance for you!

  4. We had more snow than that in Uahuaia, and that was in Summer…. although there wasn´t enough to cover the ski run… the one ski run (blue one at that)… that we walked down, in an alpine stylee.

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