Les anglais à l’étranger

The Vox cinema, Chamonix
Originally uploaded by StripeyAnne.

We're currently skiing in Chamonix, yes, indeed skiing. There is snow and ice, but we are hitting those pistes! Chamonix is the home of Alpinism, but all that mountaineering for the sake of it would was invented by the Brits. The French had hiked up and down in search of crystals for many years before that. But the way some Brits behave, you'd think they`d invented Chamonix itself. Notice I say they and not we. There are many opportunities to witness this – most of them in crowded telepheriques where sentences usually end with …… "and I was so drunk " followed by "and I was very sick." with the rest of the sentence peppered with expletives.

Actually, I pretend I'm French and join the other shrugging French when we hear this.

I did display Brit behaviour in a restaurant the other day, though. We had very poor service and I felt justified in ranting, though it was polite (ish ) and it was in French. Noel said he was very impressed with the increase in fluency as the rant reached its crescendo. But I did stop short of calling anyone's mother a hamster (couldn’t remember the French for hamster). We didn't get anywhere, and I left vowing never to return, ever though we quite like it there. The response was shrugged shoulders.

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