Work before play……

OK. So it's the ski season.

The boots have been dusted down from the wardrobe, the salopettes are getting a good airing and the helmets (oh yes, we need helmets after Noel's 60mph escapade in Courchevel…!) are all ready for packing. The Chamonix snow has seen off the foehn, all runs are open and Jet2.Com is ready to receive its regular Geneva fliers. They should give us our own seat….

But before that, there'e the little matter of the dining room. We've been here five years and our total disregard for all things household is positively criminal. And what with the forthcoming party, we really ought to make an effort to respect our 120-year-old home.

Now not that I'm bossy or anything. I prefer to call it assertive. Anyway, SOMEONE'S got to dip the first brush, so to speak. So first thing, OK, second thing, this morning, we started. And, we'll finish……

Cat was totally traumatised, but soon settled down to its usual 23-hour sleep.

Decorating. Is there ANYTHING finer?

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